Monthly Archives: July 2015

A quick turnaround for a debate-shifting ad

On Tuesday 6th July, as George Osborne was introducing his latest budget to the Commons, the Prime Minister announced a second piece of potential legislation: an amendment to the Hunting Act that would effectively bring back hunting with packs of dogs to England.

The League Against Cruel Sports needed a hard-hitting press ad that would expose what the Government was planning; encourage opponents to hunting to write to their MPs; and, where possible, generate donations to support the League’s own lobbying work.

We created a press ad for nearly 50 insertions over Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in national and regional press. Our creative execution accused David Cameron of trying to sabotage the Hunting Act; exposed his broken manifesto promise of a free vote to repeal the act; and encouraged anyone who cares about this issue to contact their MP straight away.

We also created a Facebook ad that directed cold prospects to the League’s own Facebook page, where they could find out more about contacting their own MP.

As the ads have run, press coverage for the news story has gathered pace. This is now a headline issue. The ads will continue to run in the press until the Commons debate on Wednesday.