Macmillan at Christmas

Earlier this year, we had a wonderful day meeting Alice and her family – the stars of this year’s Macmillan Christmas Appeal.

Alice was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumour, or kidney cancer, when she was just four years old. As you can imagine, the news hit mum Jane and dad Andrew like a baseball bat. Andrew just wanted to wrap his daughter up in cotton wool.

From the day Alice was diagnosed, the family’s Macmillan nurse Caroline was by their side. She helped demystify the cancer treatment process, and offered the family the medical, emotional and practical support they needed.

We worked with Macmillan to create their annual Christmas appeal featuring Alice, Andrew, Jane and brother Josh. The pack brings to life the support Macmillan has offered – and continues to offer – the family. We created a main appeal pack to go to Macmillan’s warm database, telling the story from Andrew’s perspective, as well as a reminder mailing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 14.13.24

To learn more about Alice’s story, and to make your Christmas donation, you can visit the website.


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